Refund Policy

Effective Date: [1st January 2024]

At Bustlebee Solutions Private Limited, we value the trust of our customers (Students). In order to honor that trust, we have created this refund policy to work in a transparent manner.


The objective of this Policy is to ensure transparency in the refund process and complete satisfaction of our Customers (Students). This Policy enables that the refunds (if any) are processed in a fair manner.


This Policy is applicable to the processing of any refund of admission fees paid by the Customers (Students) on admission to courses conducted by Bustlebee Solutions Private Limited.


This Policy shall come into effect from 1st January 2024 and shall continue to remain valid until it is specifically replaced/revoked by us. Any refund request received on or after 1st January 2024 will be processed in accordance with this Policy.

If you choose to cancel or return the Admission Fee paid

a) Within 5 Days from respective Course(s) batch commencement Date you are eligible for a 100% refund paid by the customer (“Student”).

b) Post 5 Days from respective Course(s) batch commencement Date, no refunds shall be claimed or will be entertained.

Process for Requesting Refunds

Obligation of Customer: If a Customer (Student) wants to withdraw the admission from Bustlebee Solutions Private Limited, such Customer (Student) will be required to mail within 5 Days from respective Course(s) commencement Date. Any deviation from these requirements shall not be considered for refunds.

Applicable Fees and Refunds

Registration Fee: Customer (Student) shall not be required to pay any upfront fees for registration (Registration Fee) to Bustlebee Solutions Private Limited, thereby no Registration Fee shall be refunded to the Customer (Student).

Mode of Refund

Bustlebee Solutions Private Limited Course Components will not be refunded in cash. All applicable refunds shall be paid through online NEFT/UPI transfer ONLY, in the name and to the account of the Customer (Student) within a reasonable period of thirty (30) calendar days from the date on which a written email communication is provided to the Customer (Student) for approval of such refund. Further, all refunds shall be processed in Indian Rupees only.

In the event your payment instrument/account through which the original payment was made is not active or does not support refunds, you shall be required to provide other bank account details belonging to you for processing the relevant refund. We shall not be held responsible and/or accountable for crediting refund money to the wrong account due to incorrect details furnished by you. You shall be required to furnish a declaration for the transfer of the refund to another bank account in the format and manner as may be required by us.

If you have not received the refund approved by the Bustlebee Solutions Private Limited Branch within the above-mentioned thirty (30) calendar days period, then please reach out to us at +91-7373000016 or write to us at